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Floor heating is a term which covers a wide range of heating applications, systems and services. There are a lot of other terms and descriptions commonly used for floor heating concepts – including in floor heating, in-floor heating, under floor heating, slab heating, in-slab heating, tile heatingandunder-tile heating.

A lot of these different variations refer to the same general concepts and are basically interchangeable. However there are some heating types and applications which do benefit from differentiation – particularly when prospective purchasers are trying to select the right product for their application.

No other heating system provides the all-round benefits of floor heating. It is efficient to install and run – and is generally maintenance free as it doesn't require cleaning or replacement of filters. Floor heating is also absolutely silent - while its invisibility creates total freedom of decor and furniture layout. There are floor heating systems perfect for carpeted, tiled and polished concrete floors and many timber floors.